'Alley Cat' Reusable Face Mask

'Alley Cat' Reusable Face Mask



Masks offer a basic level of protection from airborne particles. THEY ARE NOT FOR MEDICAL USE, however, masks are double layered to help fight against COVID-19 when going out in public for grocery trips, walks, etc.


This design features a grumpy alley cat muzzle.


More info:

  • Non medical grade
  • Adult sized. 8 inches in length (with the straps, 12inches), 5 inches in height
  • Double layered polyester fabric, cushioned inside quilted backing for comfort
  • Filter pocket installed
  • Black mask lining/border
  • UAV + UVB protection
  • Made and printed within Canada, while also designed by a local creator! 
  • Reusable, machine washable (I recommend washing cold regular cycle and either hang dry or delicate dry cycle) 
  • WASH BEFORE WEARING to get rid of any loose fibers!