Seconds/B-grade Wild Lynx Collection Pins

Seconds/B-grade Wild Lynx Collection Pins


All Seconds/B-grade pins are wearable and completely functional with minor imperfections.


Flaws may include:

  • Varying colouration
  • Varying linework (too think or too thin, sometimes both)
  • Missing colours
  • Overfill/underfill of the enamel
  • Scuffs and scratches


By purhcasing one of these pins, you agree that you are aware of these minor imperfections.


They will come with regular clear plastic packaging. Includes standard rubber back


* 20 Left!* Siberian Lynx
* 20 Left!* Canada Lynx
* 22 Left! * Iberian Lynx

* 11 Left! * Bobcat

* 6 Left! * Wandering Lynx

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