'Raccoons' Reusable Facemask

'Raccoons' Reusable Facemask


Masks offer a basic level of protection from airborne particles. THEY ARE NOT FOR MEDICAL USE, however, masks are double layered to help fight against COVID-19 when going out in public for grocery trips, walks, etc.


This design features a bunch of trash raiding raccoons!


More info:

  • Non medical grade
  • Adult sized. Approx. 9.5inches in length, 5.5inches in width/height
  • Elastic straps that go over the ears (typically white, however depending on availability from supplier, it may be switched to black and/or different thickness of elastic)
  • Polyester Twill Shell
  • Triple layered with two inner natural cotton knits
  • Designed, made, and printed within Canada
  • Reusable, machine washable


The clothes I'm wearing are also made/designed by independent creators! Although they're not the focus in the shots, I'll still post the links below!

Yellow 'cat nap cafe' shirt by Miski https://www.cuhelski.com/

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