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What counts towards "complexity" in a commission? 

This refers to the amount of extra time I'll be spending on the drawing. Complexity can be anything from winged creatures, complicated patterns like stripes or spots, complex posing, clothing, accessories, special effects, etc. If you're concerned that your idea may fall under being "complex", please send me an email and we can discuss!

Why are tips enabled on the invoice before the commission is started? What if I don't want to tip, or want to wait to send a tip after my commission is completed?

I receive a lot of repeat clients, who are all very familiar with how things operate so they prefer tipping immediately versus later on! Tips are never an obligation, so it's completely ok if you disregard that section on the invoice! I just like making it available for those that want to send one over right away. If you'd rather send over a tip after seeing how your commission turned out, you can do so through my ko-fi page !

My commission was rejected, despite following your ToS and Will and Won't Draw sections. Why?

I reject certain commission ideas for various reasons. Sometimes I can only take so much work throughout the month, so if your idea is a little too complex, I'll go with smaller, easier commissions to complete for that month. Sometimes I like working with specific character designs or colour palettes that fit my style more, where as the one submitted may not fit my style in a way I'd like it to. Or the idea itself may just be something I don't see myself particularly enjoying as much as other ideas presented to me. It's a complete mixed bag depending on what's presented to me! If you're curious, you can contact me via email, but please be aware I have the right to refrain from answering and explaining my reasonings. If, by the third or fourth attempt, at submitting a form and your idea was still rejected, it may be best to go with another artist for your commission. You can also consider changing your idea to something else, or submitting multiple ideas that I can choose from instead!

I want to make a purchase through your shop but the cost of shipping is so expensive! Why?

I ask the same question all the time! Unfortunately, this can be due to a variety of reasons, all of which are out of my control. If shipping is on the pricier side for you, I highly suggest finding friends/family that are also interested in something in my shop, and consider merging your orders with theirs to save on shipping. Other ways you can save is by subscribing to my shops newsletter so you can get emails regarding any sales or discount codes offered. I also vend at conventions/shows across Canada and the US multiple times a year where you can purchase from me in person, eliminating the cost of shipping!

The Square invoice for my commission doesn't show a currency. What is it?

All invoices are sent in CAD. Square does not allow me to charge in other currencies.

Will you ever attend _______ convention?

I'm always looking for new events to attend, new people to meet, and new places to see! But unfortunately I can't attend them all! A great way to get me to come out to your cities convention is by suggesting myself as a Guest of Honor. Most conventions invite a guest to do promotional work for the convention and to help gain more traction in attendance. Consider contacting the conventions chair or board committee, or fill out a suggestion form if the convention puts them out!

Can I ask you questions regarding art/operating a small business/taking commissions, etc?

Yes you can! Please email me at or fill out a form on my contact page. Response time varies depending on my work schedule, whether I'm out of town attending a convention, etc. but I'll do my best to get back to you with a response when I'm able to!

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